Sunday, 5 February 2012

Letter to Charlie - 16 months

Dear Charlie

On Thursday you turned 16 months old.

The last two months have been all about language for you. You have been learning at least one new word a day and have been very focused on communication. At times this has led to frustration, when you haven't had the words to express what you want, but generally it has been a great thing.

Your new appreciation for words has extended your love of books and you now have the patience to sit through longer storybooks. Your current favourites are 'Kisses for Daddy,' 'Meg and Mog,' 'I Spy in the Juggle,' 'Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes,' and 'Bumping and Bouncing.'

On the second-last page of Bumping and Bouncing two little people go for a pony ride. This is your favourite page and you have made it very clear to Papa, Lily and I that you are quite determined that you too will go for a pony ride AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In the meantime you have had to be content with riding the rocking horse, which can you now do all by yourself. How did you get so big?

Other favourite activities of yours include 'jumping' on the trampoline (you can't quite jump yet, so instead you run around in crazy circles crashing into the barrier); being pushed on your swing; digging in the sandpit; water the plants; dressing up (particularly in necklaces, rainbow scarfs and Lily's clothes); drawing (mostly on paper); playdough (including the odd sneaky sample); turning anything and everything into cars that room around the floor; dancing; and going for a walk in the neighbourhood.

While strolling along our street you particularly like to push a toy along in the stroller; to stop and chat to the terracotta warrior in a neighbour's garden a few door's down; to pick the flowers that escape out from under people's fences; and to collect as many sticks as your little hands can carry home.

Last week was a bit dramatic. Papa and I had planned to nightwean you, because none of us were getting much sleep due to your habit of feeding all night. But when the time arrived I just couldn't face it and so I waved Papa away and fed you all night once again. The next day all that sleep deprivation finally caught up with me and I got quite sick. I struggled to feed you the following two nights and by Sunday morning Papa had to take me to hospital. And so you had your first night away from me after all and we nightweaned you by default. It's been an exhausting week for your poor Papa, but you have coped very well. There have been some tears at night, but you've shown no trace of distress during the day at all.

This morning Papa has taken you and Lily to the family day at Collingwood Children's Farm. They do pony rides and we are hoping they'll let you have a turn. I can't wait to see a photo.



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