Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paddle pool

It was 35 degrees (Celsius) today. Fortunately I finally bought a paddle pool last week.

I think it would be stating the obvious to say that the kids like it.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Division of labour

I have long believed that a happy partnership means that both partners have to contribute fairly equally to the household and that no one should be left with the worst job of all: monitoring the other's contribution.

To make this possible I think a fairly clear division of labour can help to reduce the amount of boring negotiations over household chores.

This is roughly how we have come to divide ours (for now, obviously things will change as kids grow etc):

Meal planning
Cooking & food prep
Food shopping
Gift planning & buying
Daytime clean up (including dishes - although he often does breakfast ones before work)
Schedules (ours & kids)
Charlie nighttime parenting
Weekday at home parenting work

Evening clean up (including dishes)
Paid work
Bill paying
Mail sorting, dealing with contents
Lily nighttime parenting, including story & bedtime
Driving (when we're together)
IT troubleshooting

Constant tidying
Holiday planning & booking
Bathroom cleaning
Laundry (but he does far more than me)
Household shopping
Farmers market shopping

Of course sometimes he cooks or shops for food, and sometimes I clean up in the evening or do the banking, but this is the general pattern.

Do you have a pattern at your place or do you tend to alternate more?

NY Resolutions 2012

Practice yoga weekly

Take a daily walk

Learn to meditate & practice daily

Write more

Finish PhD

Read more books & keep a reading journal

Find the time to volunteer (@ Fitzroy legal centre?)

Eat more raw food

Be more grateful

Keep decluttering/simplifying

Help others more often

Cycle more, drive less

Stick with meal planning

Be kinder, especially with my family & self

Stop reading drivel/hateful opinion pieces/the comments on news sites

Eat far less sugar

Stop mindlessly checking email, twitter & Facebook

Stop using canned food


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