Saturday, 11 June 2011

Charlie: 8 months

Dear Charlie

You are now 8 months old. What a difference two months makes in the life of a bubba! At six months you were my mellow little zen master. Now you are a determined, adventurous, impatient little bundle of energy. What happened?

Well, to start with, you mastered the art of crawling at 6 and a half months. A week later you figured out how to pull yourself up to standing. Then a few days later you worked out how to cruise along the furniture. Since then you seem to have decided that since you can move, you must, all the time.

Nappy changes have become a bit of an ordeal as you object, fervently, to remaining remotely still. The car and the stroller are no longer your friend. No, you must move, explore and discover, even in the middle of the night. Oh Charlie, it's been a bit of a full on two months.

It's also been pretty incredible to watch you develop so quickly from a baby to a mobile little person. Your determination is inspiring and I love watching you explore the world with such intense curiosity. Currently you are obsessed figuring out the mechanics of your food. You examine the teat of your water bottle with incredible focus and perform all sorts of experiments in order to understand how the water comes through. You do the same with any food that you are given too, which can get rather messy at times. Unfortunately you are also determined to perform the same thorough examination of my nipples and I haven't been very supportive of this endeavour. Some things are just going to have to remain a mystery little one.

Another obsession of yours in our stairs. We have a rather steep, wooden staircase in our house that you have just worked out how to climb. It is terrifying to watch you do it, but I don't have the heart to stop you once you have succeeded in getting to it. Fortunately it comes off the entryway and there is no reason for it to be open all the time. Of course, if anyone leaves that door open for the merest second then you are off and racing. When this does occur your sense of pride and achievement at reaching the top is almost worth the stress.

Winter came early to Canberra this year and brought a world of germs to our household. For the last month you have been a snuffly little thing. We have all been sick, actually, which has made us a rather tired, grumpy household. Fortunately when your good moods have been with us they have been as radiant as ever and have provided a glimmer of sunshine for all of us in what has been a bit of an ordinary month.

A daily guarantee of Charlie-happiness has been bath time. You continue to love the bath and hearing the water running has the power to drive away any Charlie-sadness. Once in the bathroom you will try to throw your body into the bath, while kicking your legs in excitement at the prospect of the joy to come. Now that you can sit up by yourself you are a little less focused on flooding the bathroom and will now play with toys instead. Of course, now that you can crawl and stand you try to do this in the bath too, and that hasn't always turned out so well.

The other morning I went into Lily's room to give her a good morning snuggle and she turned to me and said: "Isn't Charlie amazing, Mama? We are so lucky to have him."

She's quite right little one, you are amazing and we really do feel so lucky to have you here.

I can't wait to see what you do over the next couple of months. I fear that walking is not far away...

with all my love,


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