Sunday, 10 April 2011

Charlie: 6 months

Dear Charlie

Last week you turned 6 months old. As if on cue you also cut your first tooth, sat up by yourself for the first time and are within moments of crawling. This growing up thing happens so fast, doesn't it? Too fast really. You won't be a baby for much longer.

You continue to be a little ray of sunshine in our lives Charlie. Your smile lights up the room and your placid nature never ceases to amaze me. I have to be careful not to underestimate your determination, because once you set your mind on something, you never ever give up.

Watching you figure out how to crawl at the moment has been incredible. You spend ages essentially doing push ups on the rug, pausing briefly to execute a perfect 'plank' position and occasionally flipping yourself up into a sitting position for a bit of a break. The other day Lily looked over at you and exclaimed "Look, he's doing 'dogward down'," and indeed you were (well, downward dog, I suppose). It's rather impressive really.

I have been working on my own upper body strength too. You weigh about 9 kilos now and I'm certainly getting a good work out carrying you around every day. Fortunately I seem to have adjusted to this now and you don't seem nearly as heavy as you did a few months ago. The human body is truly amazing.

I wish that I was finding the time to write you a more detailed monthly letter the way that I did for your sister, but life is simply more hectic with two of you. A lot more, actually, and so I'm not. But I want you to know that I am enjoying every second of your life and that you amaze me in countless ways every day.

with all my love,


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