Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas is coming

Lil has overcome her fear of Santa and is now all about him. She wrote him a letter and posted it in a special post box downtown. In it she asked for some new textas, a pen to write on boxes with, and a bucket and spade for Charlie. Joke's on me for buying her a camera!

Paul went to Africa for work and my parents came down to help us out (one at a time). While Dad was down he took Lil into Myer to meet Santa. She got to ride on 'Santa's train' after lining up for fifty million years. Apparently it was worth it.

On Saturday our new street held its annual Christmas party. They closed the street and people brought out tables, chairs and bbqs. There were also bands playing and children zooming around on bikes and scooters. We made a gingerbread house for the occasion. Lil was in heaven. Our neighbours are truly lovely.

On Sunday we went downtown again to 'Christmas Square' and Lil met Santa again. We got our photo taken (for free hurray) and he gave Lil some stickers and a DVD. She wanted to go back and see him again immediately.

I feel totally unprepared for Christmas this year. I'm hoping my brain will start to get on top of it fairly soon...

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