Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Today is the four year anniversary of our first post on this blog. It was the day that P and I decided to abandon our old blogs and join forces. Of course, it would be appropriate to acknowledge that this has since become a solo blog due to P's work commitments and lowered interest in blogging.

So yeah, four years (plus another 17 months over at epeolatry, and another year or so before that on another blog that I seem to have deleted most of the posts from, which is just as well. They were probably pretty cringe-worthy, given the 'quality' of what I have kept...).

I should do something to celebrate I guess. Bake a cake. Host a giveaway. Something... But I feel a bit silly really. Probably because it isn't my real blogiversary and I can't actually determine my real one, because I seem to have deleted my first posts. mmm

Anyway, thanks for making it fun. I must say that I never imagined how much blogging would add to my life when I first started it all those years ago (furtively logging on in my office in a corporate law first that did. not. suit. me). It has been such a wonderful space for reflection, for celebrating the beauty and fun in life, for bemoaning the bad, for finding so many lovely people (and even having the chance to meet some of them and, even, make some new friends), and for making me feel less alone in those early months of mothering a newborn. So, yeah, thank you.

Maybe I should host a giveaway...

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