Tuesday, 15 September 2009

30 months


Lily's crown

At Floriade

Dear Lily

Yesterday you turned 2 and a half. That's exactly half way to 5. Oh my.

This past month has been a good month (except for a little period of sickness, that we'll just ignore, OK?). As the weather has become warmer we have been able to get and about more, which has been good for our general happiness and sanity.

My favourite thing about this past month has been your tendency to speak as though you are living in a story book. You often add, "said Lily" to the end of your sentences and frequently try to put words into our mouths by using the same method. As in: "Can we go outside? Yes, said Mum."

In line with this new habit you have also been very keen on hearing stories about yourself. Or, at least, fictional stories in which you happen to be the main character.

"Tell me a Lily story" you will ask me at least once a day. Often you are even more specific; "I want the grandma and grandpa one." Or, "tell me a Lilipilli story." (My mother calls you Lillipilli). Or, "I want the party one."

It certainly keeps me on my toes. I can't believe how fascinated you seem to be by my incredibly boring stories. All I seem to do is describe the minutia of a day. They generally start with "Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily. She lived in a house on a hill with her mama and papa. One day Lily... went to visit her grandparents/flew up to Darwin/decided to have a party/went on a picnic etc..." Then I proceed to describe the details of travel or food preparation (it's always about the food in the end for me), arriving at a new place, packing up again and going home to bed. Really, someone should give me a book contract for this stuff.

Other than your love of living through stories, this month has also been marked by us having a lot less time together. Seven mornings a week you are whisked away by Papa or Kelli while I do my PhD. You come back home after lunch for your nap and then we only get a few hours together before dinner.

It's weird spending so much less time with you. I miss our excursions (mornings are really the best time for excursions). I think that you are also finding the adjustment a little challenging at times too. Although you seem to be going pretty well - you certainly go off each morning very happily - it has made you a little more clingy and a little more mama-focused recently. Hopefully that will start to settle down as you become used to the new routine.

Finally, as the weather has improved, the sun has been rising in the sky earlier and earlier lately. You are not a morning person. Not at all. But the bright sunlight has been waking you up very early lately. At first you try to go back to sleep. "It's too bright," you will complain to me, and roll over. But you eventually give up and so we all get up. Early. Oh so early. This has been a little challenging for all of us and is leaving our tempers a little bit frayed by the end of the day...

Fortunately daylight savings is around the corner and it should make things a little easier again. In the meantime, we will just have to focus on our enjoyment of the outdoors and the beauty of the sunrises.


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