Monday, 15 September 2008

18 months

Dear Lily

Yesterday you turned 18 months old. That's a year and a half - which is really quite something.

This last month has been filled with teething. You have been working very hard at cutting your molar teeth and it has not always been the most enjoyable process. This has made sleeping a little tricky and has seen you revert to having two sleeps a day fairly often - meaning that you have been missing quite a few of your usual activities.

However, despite this, this has also been a fun month. The weather has started to get a lot nicer, which has made it easier for us to take trips to the park, and to play outside on the deck & in the garden. Outside is nearly always better than inside in your book, so this has been a good thing. Outside is also better for making a mess, which has meant that we have been getting into finger painting and other messy craft activities.

This month you were a flower girl at your Uncle Jono and Aunty Natty's wedding. This was definitely the highlight of the month. First we spent a day at Grandma, Grandpa, Midnight and Freya's house - where you were able to (almost) get your fill of cuddles (from G&G), pats (for the cat) and kisses (from the dog). Then you got to put on your 'special dress' and be a momentary star during the wedding. And, finally, after a good sleep, you were able to party until you dropped at the reception. You are still talking happily about dancing with Uncle Jono and Aunty Natty.

The following morning we also got to spent some time with Grandma Meg and Grandma AMD. We had an enormous breakfast (well, actually, that was mostly just me) and then headed out to the playground and then to the beach. Your favourite thing to do on the beach is to chase the seagulls, but digging in the sand is also quite a hit.

As for new things this month, well this is getting harder and harder to list. I cannot keep up with your new words. You seem to come out with something new every moment and I am no longer surprised by what you know or can say. Some of your favourite expressions this month have been "A big cuddle" and "A nice cuddle" and, much to our delight, you have also really grasped the concept of "gentle", which usually means that you give us a soft little pat on the arm or head.

You have also started to get a bit more adventurous with your eating. By this I mean that you have started to request foods that we wouldn't generally offer you ourselves. You have yet to succeed in your (frequent) requests for a "coffee", but you have certainly started to enjoy soy milk froth... I guess it really isn't that bad - and it is pretty funny to watch you eat it.

Next month we are taking a little trip to Vanuatu. Papa will have to work while we are there, but you and I will have plenty of time to explore, play and swim - and we'll have plenty of time with papa in the evenings (and on the weekend). I think that it is going to be pretty fun!


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