Thursday, 14 February 2008

11 months

Dear Lily

Today your turned 11 months old. Do you know that you are almost one!

This month you suddenly turned into a little girl before our eyes. I can still see my baby when you are sleeping, but during the day your features have gotten all grown up. I can't believe that this has happened so soon.

This month you also figured out how to walk. You have been practicing now for around 3 and a half weeks and you are getting pretty good. Papa and I started clapping you whenever you took a few steps and you have really taken this on board. The thing is that I think that we confused you by clapping once you had already landed on your knees and now you give yourself a clap every time you fall over. It is quite good though - it seems to distract you from feeling outraged by your tumbles. Instead you tend to give yourself a clap and then walk along for a bit on your knees waving your hands in the air. It is very funny.

This month you also started GymBaroo, which you love. I am so impressed by how brave you are - you seem to be willing to tackle almost any obstacle. You charge through the tunnels, up and down the ramps and bounce yourself on the trampoline - grinning from ear to ear the whole time.

"Circle time" is a little more of a challenge. The theory is that we are supposed to sit around in a circle and sing songs etc. You, however, are quite determined to keep exploring and to make friends with everyone that is there - meaning that I spend the whole time chasing you rather than singing. You are also not particularly impressed when an activity is over and the 'props' are taken away from you and will spend a lot of energy attempting to get them back again.

Your favourite toys at the moment are your wooden animals, your doll (which you drag around everywhere), your Fisher Price castle (which dates from when my brother and I were your age) and books. You will spent hours in front of the book shelf handing me one after the other to read, and you get quite stroppy if I don't read them immediately. You are particularly fond of "Uno's Garden", "Where is the Green Sheep", "The Story of Growl", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", "We're going on a bear hunt", "Rainbow Rob" and any book with pictures of children.

You have also decided that you love the bath - after being fairly ambivalent about it for some time. Bath is papa time and you now spend a long time in there playing with your toys and washing your face (and papa's) with a wash cloth.

While your personality has always been strong, it is really starting to shine now that you are so independently mobile and good at communicating with us. You are extremely curious and adventurous - so keen to discover more about the world and to explore every corner that you can. You are also extremely social - you love meeting new people and will often climb on the laps of strangers just to say 'hi' and check them out a little more carefully. You have a fantastic sense of humour. You love to play the clown and will even laugh at yourself when you fall down in amusing positions. And, most of all, you are the most affectionate and loving little person that I know. You are always charging over to give me snuggles and to plant wet kisses on my face and you will often place your arm around my neck at night and nestle your face into mine. You also snuggle with your doll and teddies and we even found you literally hugging a Eucalyptus tree at the pool one day (and kissing it!). I guess people can legitimately call you a tree hugger now.

Happy Valentine's Day my gorgeous girl. I love you so much.


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