Friday, 8 December 2006

Darwin (and Melbourne, and Kakadu)

Sorry about the long absence, I have not had any Internet connection since Saturday.

It has been kind of nice really, although I must admit to suffering from a few withdrawal symptoms...

On Sunday morning (ridiculously early), I fly down to Melbourne and jumped on the Sky Bus into town. From the Spencer St Station, I got a tram to Brunswick St and met fellow blogger Kristy at the Vegie Bar. One pot of chai and a large scrambled tofu later, we strolled down the street browsing in shops and mulling over Christmas presents for the 'hard to buy fors' on our lists.

I just love the eclectic nature of many of the shops and the gorgeous range of fabrics used on the clothes and accessories - it was a world of inspiration. I also went over to Lygon St and browsed Readers for a quite a while. It was good to see that the Borders across the road had not stolen any of its business.

It was great to meet Kristy too - after such a long time of reading her blog. Luckily for us, the conversation flowed freely and it felt completely normal to spend the good part of a day with a (sort of) complete stranger.

That night I got on a plane to Darwin, where I finally arrived just before midnight. Mum and AMD's new house is lovely - its a little two bedroom place set in a gorgeous tropical garden, with a big wooden deck and a pool. My room is a bungalow out in the backyard - it is spacious, and has its own little deck and an ensuite.

AMD had meetings in Kakadu on Wednesday and Thursday and so she took me with her out to the park on Tuesday afternoon. On arrival, we were given a private boat trip down Yellow River by a couple of Parks staff and it was just magical. The land out there is just beautiful and the river was teeming with birdlife. It was also teeming with crocodiles (big fellows) and I was quite glad that the boat was made of metal (it was designed to do croc surveys).

I spent the next couple of days doing some of the easier walks in the park - mostly to the amazing rock art sites, which were like open air galleries - and doing some PhD work during the heat of the day. It felt like such a privilege to be out there, but I did keep thinking that I wanted P to be there to share it with me.

[I'll post some photos soon. I am just feeling lazy today.]

Now, I am back in Darwin struggling through those bloody interview transcripts. At least tomorrow is Saturday.

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