Sunday, 31 December 2006

NYE over and out

10.55pm and it looks like new year's eve 2006 is done for C and I.

We wandered out into the city to watch the 9pm "family" fireworks then retreated in to a cafe for a hot chocolate and to get some distance from the gathering crowds of minors waiting for the government-sanctioned street party to kick off.

Post hot chocolate we strolled home, musing about how little life might actually alter with the arrival of the 3rd pea. It's not like there'll be much of an existing party life to interrupt. It's for the best really.

The upshot is that C is fast asleep and I'm pondering whether to keep watching dodgy movies or join her.

There are at least 20 parties going currently underway in our building though, and I'm a notoriously light sleeper, so perhaps I'll wait a while till I'm struggling to stay awake despite the noise.

All the best for the new year and I hope the impending arrival of the 3rd pea doesn't spell the end of two peas, no pod. I'm sure we'll still make the time to post. It's way too much fun to stop. You'd better prepare for a nauseating amount of baby pictures...

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