Monday, 13 November 2006

Home again

  • Arrived in around 7:30am and got a bus to Canberra (after clearing customs). Paul was waiting at the Jolimont Centre and we went home for snuggles.
  • Went out for a walk to explore the new Canberra Centre. It wasn't really finished yet.
  • Woke up at 7am one year older. P tried to trick me into believing that he was going to work. He failed miserably and thus I missed out on my surprise picnic. Still got presented with the most perfect picnic basket in the world and taken out for coffee (decaf).

  • Received calls all day from family and friends - including one from Dad in southern Timor Leste.
  • P's parents dropped around and gave me a jumbo picnic rug and cooler bag - now thoroughly prepared for summer.
  • Met a far-flung LPer for the first time for coffee at Parliament House.
  • Purchased a large plastic container for paper making from our newly local Big W. Browsed our new local Borders (for ideas of what to order elsewhere).
  • Met another friend who was visiting from Laos for cake (actually, I am not sure that she was visiting just for the cake).
  • Went home for roast vegetable pizza and more snuggles.
  • Began clearing out study in order to put in a new desk and create a nursery. House resembled a bomb site and I got so overwhelmed that I went to bed for a nap.
  • Went out to Au Lac for a combined birthday dinner with 'the girls' (sorry Steve). Ate too much. Joined them at Trinity and Knightsbridge but stuck to cranberry juice. Went home smelling like cigarettes and looking forward to 1 December.
  • Got up at 7am to go to the Farmers Markets with K&P. Bought tomato and herb plants for the balcony as well as the usual array of fruit and veggies.
  • Spent the morning making little cup cakes and sushi.

  • Headed down to the lake for a birthday picnic with family and friends. Everyone brought yummy food and drinks (and icy poles!) and the weather was perfect.

  • Finished with our destruction of the study and then headed out to Fyshwick with P's parents.
  • Sold a couple of boxes of unwanted books and got $93 credit in fabulous bookshop. Already plotting next trip.
  • Purchased a new desk, filing cabinet and bookcase from Ex-Government Furniture shop.
  • Went somewhat crazy in Bunnings and bought paint, gardening supplies, hammer, and paint brush.
  • Returned home to disaster zone and finished the job. (Well, I actually napped while P did most of the work).

  • AHHH! Must do work now.

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