Friday, 23 June 2006

Socceroos through to next round!

OK, so I got up at 4:45am and went out to a pub to watch the soccer.

This is odd behaviour for me - I am not a big fan of either pubs or sport as a general rule - but there is something about soccer that gets under my skin.

It was a good game to watch too - plenty of tension, plenty of excitement, and a fair bit of horror all mixed up together. Another highlight was, of course, the dancing performed by Croatia's coach - at one point he appeared to be impersonating a washing machine (and quite convincingly too).

Croatia's second goal - or more accurately Kalac's fumble (following on quickly from a previous fumble that almost scored him an own goal) - was horrible. Schwarzer looked deeply depressed sitting on the sideline - and justifiably so.

Kewell's goal was beautiful and an enormous relief, but then those last ten minutes seemed never-ending. I have rarely been so tense in my life! Who knew I cared?

I couldn't believe that Poll didn't remember to red card Simunic after giving him his second yellow card - especially because he was being so aggressive about it. But ultimately it just didn't matter.

My only remaining question is what happened in the last minute? Was I seeing things, or did Australia score a third goal? I can't find any reference to this at all online, but everyone around me was just as confused as I was when the whistle was blown.

Update: Apparently, it was scored after the ref had already blown the full time whistle. [Thanks Liam for the info]

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