Monday, 26 June 2006

Finally! Alkatiri has resigned

Well, I was beginning to fear that it would never happen, but the SMH have just reported that Alkatiri has resigned from the position of Prime Minister of East Timor.

Thank goodness. It looks like Gusmao's bluff worked and allowed Alkatiri the necessary space to save face and stand down without admitting fault. However, having seen the alarming accusations made against him on the ABC's Four Corners program last week and the subsequent investigation into his ex-interior minister, Alkatiri certainly has a lot of questions to answer.

I hope that his resignation will bring peace and stability to East Timor. Does anyone know if Jose Ramos Horta will be resuming his old position of Foreign Minister or stepping up to the position of Prime Minister? Apparently his ex-wife, Ana Pessoa, who is a close ally of Alkatiri, has become the frontrunner to replace Mr Alkatiri and has said that she would be willing to take up the position.

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