Thursday, 25 May 2006

Books, books, books

As C mentioned yesterday, we're off to the Sydney Writer's Festival this weekend. C's already in Sydney catching the first couple of events today and I'll head up after work and tomorrow we'll really get into it.

Among many, many other writers we're planning on seeing speak (not that you can actually see someone speak, but you know what I mean) are Christopher Kremmer, whose new book Inhaling the Mahatma, about India - part memoir, part history, part analysis - will probably soon be adding dangerous weight to my bedside table. We're also planning to see/listen to Clive Hamilton discuss that scourge of the rich world, affluenza.

The session that we're most looking forward to, however, is Peter Singer - Australia's most famous, and notorious, philosopher.

There is no philosopher, whom I've read, with whom I find myself in more alignment than Peter Singer (it also helps that he, unlike many, practices what he preaches - tithing and veganism, to name but two examples).

Singer's new book (there's a blurb on the Australian publisher's website here - you'll have to scroll down a little), which I will soon be fighting a pitch battle over with C, is on the ethics of food production and consumption. Something that C and I are intimately interested in. We've been meaning to write a post on the ethical position that is coming to be known as ecotarianism - a "big picture" way of looking at food. I'm keen to hear what Singer has to say along these lines.

Stand by for lots of preaching next week...

*Oh, and the books above, aren't ours, we just wish they were.*

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