Thursday, 5 January 2006

Sally's here!

Sally, an old friend of C's arrived today. She's going to be replacing me at KPL and whipping the paper into a much better shape than I've been able to I'm sure.

Seeing the slightly dazed and confused look in her eyes this morning reminded me of how I felt when I first arrived back in April. 9 months later and I'm feeling torn about our immanent departure.

The past year has certainly had its ups and downs and on the whole I think I'm ready to head home and get into some work that I hope to find more worthwhile, but at the same time it will be sad to leave Laos.

Still, Canberra is bound to be interesting and it will be good to be close to family again for a while.

Most importantly C will be much closer to her supervisor, which will make the whole PhD thing a much more rewarding process.

Okay, going to edit a lengthy article on the history of media in Laos - tomorrow is the 36th birthday of the Lao News Agency (my present employer) and they are throwing a rather large party. Since Sally has just arrived and I'm about to leave they have decided to roll everything into one big bash. Should be interesting, just one huge baci ceremony followed by loads of drinking and dancing... Oh and publishing the next day's paper too of course.

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