Saturday, 5 November 2005

Gun conviction is 'ruse' to silence blogger

Associated Press in Cairo
Saturday November 5, 2005
The Guardian

A blogger who criticised the Libyan government online has been imprisoned for 18 months, according to Human Rights Watch. A Tripoli court convicted Abdel Raziq al-Mansuri of illegal possession of a handgun, the New York-based rights group said.

Mr Mansuri had published around 50 articles on a UK-based dissident website. The Libyan security services denied that Mr Mansuri was arrested for his writing.

However, the Middle Eastern director of HRW, Sarah Leah Whitson, said: "The gun charges are a ruse. The authorities went after al-Mansuri because they did not like what he wrote."

So goes a story in today's Guardian. It's amazing the lengths some "governments" will go to in an attempt to silence dissent. Our thoughts are with Abdel Raziq al-Mansuri, in jail for typing his mind.

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