Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Just call me Emelda

I have three pairs of new shoes. Three! AND they all fit.

For those of you who are unimpressed; let me explain a couple of things. I am quite small - in fact, my father said at my wedding that one of my virtues was that I don't take up a lot of space (and he certainly wasn't speaking metaphorically).* However, my feet are particularly small, and the shoes shops in Australia don't seem to feel that there is a market for shoes that are my size. Needless to say, acquiring three new pairs at once is simply unprecedented.

For this unexpected blessing, I must thank the cobblers in Hoi An, and P. who endured many a fitting (plus his parents who significantly subsidised our trip).

These photos include the three pairs that P. had made, and I'd like to mention that my new boots are a lovely shade of deep brown (sorry about the poor photo).

In addition to shoes, we also got clothes tailor made. P. got office-y clothes, while I got a jacket (for the upcoming Canberra winter), a silk robe (so that I look more elegant when I spend the day in pyjamas), a dress, and had my favourite pair of jeans copied (for when I am not wearing pyjamas).

*If you know my father, you will know that this was a humorous aside and not remotely insulting. If you don't, well, you'll just have to take my word on that.

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