Friday, 21 October 2005

Carnival of Feminists

I just came across this site and thought that it was so worthwhile that I should draw it to the attention of those of you who might be interested (and didn't already know about it). It is called "Carnival of Feminists" and it showcases feminist posts from around the blogosphere. I got there through Philobiblon who also does a weekly round up of female blogs, which showcases the blogs of women from all over the world.

The reason that I think that these initiatives are worthwhile is because the blogosphere often seems so saturated with men. I don't think that this is because more guys actually post, although this may be the case, but rather that they get more air time - possibly because they are far better at drawing attention to themselves... Anyway, this means that many online discussions and debates tend to be dominated by a male perspective and initiatives like this may just help to even out the balance a little.

However, since I am on the subject, I must add that a lot of male bloggers are actually refreshingly well informed and sympathetic on many gender issues. Mark from LP and David from Barista stand out as clear examples, but there are many more. I wonder if they are reflective of the changing nature of male attitudes generally, or (more likely) their attitudes are a strong factor in why I end up reading their blogs in the first place.

Anyway, consider checking out the carnival of feminists and nominating your favourite feminist post from the last week or so.

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